Richland Center Church League Softball

Richland Center, WI

Results from 8/1/23—Tournament Begins


Richland Baptist Temple downed Boscobel Assembly of God 22-3. Dusty Kalland and Tyler Peckham each tripled for Baptist Temple.


Church of the Nazarene topped Readstown Church of Christ 17-1. Jeremiah Hassell singled and scored the lone run for Readstown.


The Nazarenes went on to defeat #2 seed The Mission in round 2, 23-10, advancing to the semi-final.


Top-seeded Hidden Valley Community also advanced to the semi-final, beating Richland Baptist Temple 16-9. Jeremy Carter, Matt Hatfield and Quinn Tydrich each had three hits in the win. Branden Debuekler played great defense for Baptist Temple.


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