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2023-24 Commissioners:


Jeremiah Hassell—608-320-2157

Dave Turk—608-604-0846

2023-24 Season—Week Four

The 2023-24 Richland Center Church League Volleyball season continued Tuesday night.

In Division A:

Richland Baptist Temple 1 defeated Avoca Bible Church 1 two games to one.

And, Hidden Valley Community 1 downed Avoca Bible Church 3 two games to one.

Bethel Lutheran had a BYE.

In Division B:

Avoca Bible Church 2 got the best of Richland Baptist Temple 2 two games to none.

Grace Community 2 beat Grace Community 1 two games to one.

Boscobel Assembly of God downed Richland Baptist Temple 4 two games to none.

Beulah Wesleyan got a win over Church of the Nazarene 2 two games to one.

The Mission defeated Hidden Valley Community 2 three games to none.

And, Free Methodist downed Church of the Nazarene 1 two games to one.

Richland Baptist Temple 3 had a BYE.


Action continues on Tuesday night, December 5:

Community Center

6:30pm Avoca Bible 2  vs. Beulah Wesleyan

7:15pm Avoca Bible 1 vs. Avoca Bible 3

8:00pm Richland Baptist Temple 4 vs. The Mission

8:45pm Hidden Valley Community 1 vs. Bethel Lutheran


RC Primary School (Doudna Elementary)

6:30pm Richland Baptist Temple 3 vs. Church of the Nazarene 1

7:15pm Church of the Nazarene 2 vs. Boscobel Assembly of God

8:00pm Free Methodist vs. Grace Community 2

8:45pm Hidden Valley Community 2 vs. Grace Community 1


Richland Baptist Temple 1 and Richland Baptist Temple 2 will have BYEs